Sadid Hasan
Philips Research North America
Cambridge, Massachusetts
"The questions are always more important than the answers."
- Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture
Sadid Hasan @ Philips Research
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I am a Senior Scientist at the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Philips Research North America, Cambridge, Massachusetts. My research interests span a wide range of topics in the areas of Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. I currently focus on solving problems related to Clinical Information Extraction, Clinical Question Answering, Natural Language Inference, Paraphrase Generation, and Medical Image Caption Generation using Deep Learning.

Before joining Philips, I was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Lethbridge, Canada, from where I also obtained my PhD. in Computer Science (with a focus in Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning) in 2013. My PhD. dissertation was entitled "Complex Question Answering: Minimizing the Gaps and Beyond". My doctoral committee members were: Yllias Chali, Dragomir Radev, Guy Lapalme, Sajjad Zahir, Kevin Grant, and Howard Cheng.

Recent News:
- (Jan, 2019) Selected as a Member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel.
- (Jan, 2019) Organizing the 2nd edition of the
Medical Domain Visual Question Answering challenge, Lugano, Switzerland.
- (Nov, 2018) Paper on "Radiology Report Classification" accepted in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Journal.
- (Oct, 2018) Paper on "Disease Name Recognition" accepted in AMIA Informatics Summit, 2019.
- (Oct, 2018) Interview with RE.WORK TV at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, 2018, Boston, MA.
- (Oct, 2018) Featured Talk at the RE.WORK Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, 2018, Boston, MA.
- (Jun, 2018) Book Chapter on "Clinical NLP" accepted in Springer book: "Data Science for Healthcare".
- (Jun, 2018) Invited Speaker at the Boston Data Science Conference, 2018.
- (Jun, 2018) Paper on "Clinical Paraphrase Generation" accepted in KDH-2018@IJCAI-ECAI.
- (Jun, 2018) Paper on "Medical Image Caption Generation" accepted in CLEF-2018.
- (May, 2018) Invited Speaker at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, 2018, Boston, MA.
- (May, 2018) Invited Speaker at the Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) 2018, Boston, MA.
- (Mar, 2018) Received Quora 2018 Top Writer Award.
- (Mar, 2018) Invited Speaker at the AI&ML-101, 2018, Boston, MA.
- (Mar, 2018) Organized the 1st edition of the Medical Domain Visual Question Answering challenge, Avignon, France.
- (Mar, 2018) Organized KDHD-2018 Workshop at IJCAI-ECAI-2018, Stockholm, Sweden.
- (Feb, 2018) Paper on "Natural Language Inference" accepted in NAACL-2018.
- (Feb, 2018) Serving as an Area Chair for COLING-2018.
- (Feb, 2018) Invited Speaker at the Automate-USA conference, 2018, Boston, MA.
- (Oct, 2017) Two papers accepted in IEEE-BIBM BHI-2017.
- (Sep, 2017) Paper on "Learning to Diagnose with Deep Reinforcement Learning" accepted in IJCNLP 2017.
- (Aug, 2017) Invited Speaker at the Global Data Science Conference 2017, Boston, MA.
- (Jul, 2017) Ranked 1st in ImageCLEF 2017 Medical Image Caption Generation Task.
- (Jul, 2017) Paper on "Diagnostic Inferencing with Deep Reinforcement Learning" accepted in MLHC 2017.
- (Jul, 2017) Paper on "Medical Concept Normalization" accepted in ICHI 2017.
- (Feb, 2017) Paper on "Improving Diagnosis Inference with Knowledge" accepted in SENSE 2017. (Best Paper Nominee)
- (Feb, 2017) Paper on "Word Embedding Models for Biomedical NLP Tasks" accepted in IJCNN 2017.
- (Feb, 2017) Attended the biggest ever AAAI: AAAI-2017 Conference in San Francisco Bay, California.
- (Jan, 2017) Invited Speaker at the 2017 Smart Data Conference, San Francisco Bay, California.
- (Dec, 2016) Paper on "Adverse Drug Event Detection in Tweets" accepted in WWW 2017.
- (Dec, 2016) Attended the biggest ever COLING: COLING-2016 Conference in Osaka, Japan.
- (Nov, 2016) Gave a talk on clinical question answering at the NIST TREC-2016 Conference.
- (Nov, 2016) Paper on "Condensed Memory Networks for Clinical Diagnostic Inferencing" accepted in AAAI 2017.
- (Oct, 2016) Paper on "Neural Clinical Paraphrase Generation" published in the Clinical NLP Workshop at COLING 2016.
- (Sep, 2016) Paper on "Neural Paraphrase Generation" published in COLING 2016.
- (Aug, 2016) Paper on "Translation of UMLS Ontologies from European to Brazilian Portuguese" accepted in CBIS 2016.
- (May, 2016) Attended Yoshua Bengio's talk at Twitter Boston.
- (May, 2016) Invited talk on "Complex Question Answering" at Brandeis University.
- (Aug, 2015) Paper on semantic search published in MEDINFO-2015.
- (May, 2015) Philips Research Collaborates with MIT.
- (Mar, 2015) Paper on question generation published in Computational Linguistics.
- (Feb, 2015) Paper on reinforcement learning published in Information Processing and Management.
- (Oct, 2014) Paper on reinforcement learning published in EMNLP-2014.

Selected Academic Services:
- Program Committee Member/Reviewer for MLHC-2019, Clinical NLP-2019, ICML-2019, ICLR-2019, AISTATS-2019, NIPS-2018, EMNLP-2018, ICML-2018, ACL-2018, NAACL-2018, ICLR-2018, MLHC-2018, AISTATS-2018, ICHI-2018, IJCNLP-2017, NIPS-2017, ACL-2017, AMIA-2017, MEDINFO-2017, AISTATS-2017, ClinicalNLP-2016, NIPS-2016, NAACL-2016, AMIA-2016, AMIA-2015, MEDINFO-2015, JAMIA, KAIS, PLOS ONE Journal, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Computer Speech and Language, Artificial Intelligence Review, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.
- Problem Author for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO-2017).